Syncwire Fitness Tracker [Colorful Screen] PolyFit HR Activity Tracker with IP68 Waterproof [Heart Rate Monitor, Calories Counter, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor] for Android & iOS Mobile Devices - Black


Product Features

  • [New Fashion Trend] - Its colorful screen design and IP68 waterproof certification set the Syncwire Fitness Tracker PolyFit HR apart from other fitness watches. More colorful and durable for your everyday life. Wrist circumference is from 140mm to 220mm.
  • [Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring] - Automatically tracks your real-time heart rate throughout the entire day and monitors the duration and condition of your sleep. Adjust your habits according to scientific analysis of data recorded in your VeryFitPro app.
  • [Multi-Sport Modes] - 14 exercise mode options, including: walk, run, ride, hike, mountaineering, badminton, yoga, basketball, football, tennis, dance, and more. Accurately records data such as heart rate, steps, calories, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and speed throughout the course of activity.
  • [GPS Function and Daily Step Count] - Connect to your mobile device GPS to access data from your runs or walks, such as pace and distance, and record a map of your route. Accurately record your steps throughout the day.
  • [Reminder Function] - Check notifications for calls, upcoming calendar items, SMS messages, and app notifications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, by simply checking your wrist, or set an alarm reminder for waking up, taking medicine, sleeping, appointments, meetings, exercise, etc.

Syncwire PolyFit HR Fitness Tracker with Colorful Screen

Making Your Life More Colorful and Healthy

IP68 Waterproof

IP68 Waterproof is Ingress Protection 6 grade dustproof and 8 grade waterproof.

Compared to IP67, IP68 has a higher level of water resistance. While IP67 just prevents the intrusion of water,

IP68 can prevent the intrusion of water when immersed in water, meaning you can wear Syncwire fitness tracker while swimming.

Required Equipment

The Syncwire PolyFit HR Fitness Tracker must be combined with the VeryFitPro App in order for users to set the smart bracelet function

and receive their exercise, heart rate, and sleep data.

VeryFitPro can be downloaded via the App Store using an Android device with Android 4.4 and above or iPhone with iOS 7.0 and above.

Devices must also be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. (Smartphones only - not for PC, iPad, or tablet)


1. The VeryFitPro app may NOT work with Samsung Galaxy J series (e.g., Galaxy J3,J7) and Huawei P8 Lite mobile devices.

2. For Bluetooth pairing, please use the VeryFitPro app. If pairing of the Fitness Tracker and mobile device

is performed through Bluetooth in the mobile device settings, the previously paired Bluetooth record will be cleared.

3. The Syncwire PolyFit HR Fitness Tracker consumes a very small amount of mobile device battery power.

Battery status of your mobile device can be viewed in settings under battery consumption.

Basic Specifications:

Model: PolyFit HR

Screen type: TFT LCD

Screen size: 0.96 inch

Waterproof: IP68

Host weight: about 24.8g

Working time for one charge: 5-8 days

Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters (32.8 feet)

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Battery capacity: 70mAh

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Working temperature: -20℃-40℃

BSR: 63,242
UPC: 711841538316
EAN: 0711841538316
Price: -
Brand: Syncwire
Sellers: 1

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