Fitness Tracker, MoreFit Slim Heart Rate Touch Screen Activity Tracker Wireless Smart Bracelet Pedometer (Silver-blue)


Product Features

  • ✔ Easy to check data on app, automatically track heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned and sleeping
  • ✔ Real-time call, message, sns alert and display caller id, message content on the screen with vibrating
  • ✔ With convenient charging way, simply take the band off and plug it into any USB outlet and a red light comes on
  • ✔ Sleep full monitoring, automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep with silent vibration wake you gently
  • ✔ Interchangeable replacement bands in different colors for you choose by

"Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life. Join moreFit, to be more fit.


APP for Andriod(4.4 or above os): Veryfit 2.0, available from Google Play.

APP for IOS(ios 7.1 or above os): Veryfit 2.0, availble from Apple Store.

Package Include:

1 x moreFit Alta

1 x User Manual

(no charge cord needed, the host has built in USB port for charging)


Q: How to connect:

1. download app required from Apple Store or Google Play.

2. turn on phone bluetooth, go to the App=>>Device=>>bind device, then search and pair the device with your phone.

3. once it paired correctly, the bracelet vibrates, the time on the bracelet will be auto synchronized with phone's.

Q: How to reset the device?

A: please go to the app - User - System Setting - Restart Device. (this is to reboot device).

Q: Can't pair the device?

A: 1. check phone bluetooth list, forget all device ever connected.

2. go to app-device-unbind device, discoonnect it.

3. then connect it again.

Q: About charging and battery life.

A: Please charge it on USB plug, charge time: 1-2 hours. We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking."

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