Professor Einstein Robot talks, walks, connects to Wifi, & uses voice commands. Play brain games & learn science from Albert Einstein character with realistic facial expressions.


Product Features

  • TALKING HOME ROBOT. Professor Einstein will talk with you, share his passion for science and challenge you with brain games. He's a walking, talking Genius who listens, reacts and responds to your questions! Best for home wifi networks not an office environment.
  • BRAIN MEMORY GAMES. Challenge yourself against one of the greatest minds in history. With increasing levels of difficulty, Professor Einstein's brain teasers are a fun, educational way to stay sharp!
  • VOICE RECOGNITION & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 5 Robot Motors in Albert Einstein give him over 50 Realistic Facial Expressions & Body Gestures. Engineered from scratch by the creative minds behind Sophia, from Hanson Robotics. Professor Einstein features a Body Camera to see objects in front of him & Motion Sensors to detect the edge of a table where he's walking. Directional Sound allows him to hear where you are in the room, and turn his head to talk to you.
  • TABLET GAMING APP STEIN-O-MATIC. Free Stein-O-Matic App for Apple & Android Smart Devices. The Professor Einstein Robot comes ready to challenge you with 20 pre-loaded Brain Games, Videos, Learning Modules, Data Cards, and Quizzes
  • LEARNING AT HOME. At 15-inches tall, Professor Einstein is the perfect science and math tutor for home. Ask him about science, math, famous historians, even the weather! He's a wonderful teaching aid for classroom instruction. Allows students to learn at their own pace. Recommended for Grammer and Middle school age kids. Make sure to fully charge the batteries for 3 hours before first setup.

Meet Professor Einstein:

Professor Albert Einstein is a playful, talking family robot who loves science and challenges you with brain games. He is paired with the Stein-O-Matic app to interact dynamically with an iPad or Android device to take you on a journey of fun and learning.

With an amazingly expressive face, he will make you smile with entertaining and educational games and science facts. When connected to Wi-Fi, he loves to chat and will answer your questions on a range of topics.

    Why Professor Einstein?:

  • PLAYFULLY INTERACTIVE. Professor Einstein will talk with you, share his passion for science and challenge you with brain games.
  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. Test your wits against one of the greatest minds in history. With multiple levels of difficulty, Professor Einstein's brain-games are a fun way to keep you sharp, improve problem-solving and cognitive flexibility.
  • MORE THAN VOICE-ENABLED.Professor Einstein doesn't simply speak, he will hold a real conversation with you.
  • COMPATIBILITY. Download the free Stein-O-Matic App on your Apple or Android Device. The App comes pre-loaded with 20 brain games, data cards, videos and learning modules.


  1. 9 Motors give him 50+ Realistic facial expressions and body gestures.
  2. Voice Recognition Technology allows Professor Einstein to respond to your questions without missing a beat!
  3. Infrared Motion Sensors keeps him from falling off tables and other surfaces.
  4. NPL, his Natural Language Processor is a component of Artificial Intelligence which enables him to talk WITH you, not just TO you.
  5. Voice-Box and Embedded Speaker.
  6. Directional Sound Sensors and Sound Dampening allow him to turn in the direction of your voice, and address you in conversation.
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