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Product Features

  • ★ EASY TO USE, FULL IMMERSION VIRTUAL REALITY ★ - The VOX+ FE iPhone VR Headset, allows you to use you most modern mobile phones to create a fully immersive panoramic theatre experience. Simply load your Samsung Galaxy or similar phone into the fully compatible front case, adjust for pupil distance and focus and enjoy your VR virtual reality goggles with your favorite movies and games.
  • ★ HD OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY AND ADJUSTABLE FOCUS ★ - VOX+ VR headset offers 38mm high quality lenses and superior optics and adjustable lens technology to provide increased immersion and high clarity. HD blue light filter decreases radiation and will protect eyes from glare. Easily adjust pupil distance (width across eyes) and focal distance (Focus) with external controls. Once fully adjusted experience a Panoramic theatre experience with a field of view of 120 degrees.
  • ★ BUILT IN, FULLY ADJUSTABLE HEADPHONES ★ - Our VR headset phone case has built-in adjustable headphones. Sound Isolating headphones are made of high quality memory foam which provides comfort as well as stronger sound-proofing to reduce the noise outside your VR world. Ultrahigh quality sound brings more realism and immersion to your shocking audio-visual experience.
  • ★ BREATHABLE, COMFORTABLE DESIGN ★ - Fully adjustable, ergonomic t-strap design, provides a comfortable fit and removes weight from the bridge of the nose. Soft padding and breathable interior has a fully vented design to insure that heat is dissipated providing comfort during extended use. Exterior crafted from high-density ABS and PC, for increased stability and durability.
  • ★ WIDELY COMPATIBLE WITH MOST SMARTPHONES ★- We designed the VOX+ FE virtual reality headset for iPhone, Samsung, Google, HTC and every major smartphone manufacturer with screen sizes from 4.7"-6". Google Android and Apple iOS fully supported.

About VOX+:

100% is absolutely original brand, using high quality materials for production, unique design is very attractive. The unique silhouette of Fendi that attracts people's mind, it is a fantastic item that gathers attention just by having it. With the speedy development of visual products, VOX+ was born with its marvelous items. Being user-oriented, being professional, being detail concentrated, is our VOX+, our VR Headset!

Why choose VOX+ VR Headset:

● Built-in stretchable earphones

● 120 degrees large field of view, Suitable for people within 0 - 800 degrees myopia, and 0 - 400 degree hyperopia

● One-key for answering&pause

● Sliding the volume roller,volume up and down.Answering phones and pause by single press.Music changing by double press.

● Material: High-strength ABS Plastics + PC + PU Leather

How to use the VR headset

1.Open upper cover:Press slightly and it opens.

2.Download an App:Launch App client-side(please connect bluetooth controller first if you have),enter double screen interface

3.Insert phone correctly :use the card slot to locate the phone,no need to locate when second use.

4.Helmet wearing:Adjust the strap to find a comfortable feeling.

5.Earphone location adjustment:Please adjust earphone to most comfortable feeling. 6.Pupil Distance Adjustment:After wearing glasses,please adjust the focal distance to a place without double image,then eyes feels comfortable.

7.Earphone function button:press function button left and right to adjust voice.Single press to answer phones,play and pause.Double press to next song.

VOX+ FE VR Headset Compatible with:

IOS device:iphone 7,7plus,6s,6s Plus,6,6 Plus,5S,5C

Android device:Samsung Galaxy,Sony Xperia,LG,Sharp etc.

We also offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

So, why think twice?


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