XM Satellite Radio Universal Swivel Mounting Bracket


Product Features

  • Universally compatible with all XM Satellite Radio Receivers
  • Securely mount your XM Satellite Radio inside your vehicle

This is the Universal Swivel Mounting Bracket, for XM Radio Receivers, it allows you to mount your receiver on a dash, or other flat surface, allowing swiveling pivoting of the receiver. It also features the standard block style mounting bracket which is compatible with the following list of receivers. This mount is universally compatible with all XM Satellite Radio receivers including: XM onyX (Car Kit) Delphi MyFi(Car Kit) Pioneer AirWare(Car Kit) TAO XM2Go(Car Kit) Pioneer Inno(Car Kit) Pioneer XMP3 (Car Kit) Samsung Helix(Car Kit) Samsung Nexus(CarKit) Sportscaster(Car Kit) Delphi SKYFi3(Car Kit) Delphi Roady XT(Car Kit) AudioVox Xpress(Car Kit) AudioVox XpressEZ(Car Kit) AudioVox XpressR(Car Kit)

BSR: -
Model: U-Swivel-Mnt
Price: $7.06
Brand: SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio
Sellers: 4

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